What is REAADI?

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Currently, people with disabilities are 2-4 times more likely to be critically or fatally injured in a disaster. Despite this, effective response efforts and support focused on people with disabilities, older adults and others who also have access and functional needs are lacking.

As extreme weather events become increasingly common and more devastating, the 26% of the U.S. population, people with disabilities, the increasing population of adults over 65, and others who also have access and functional needs must be included throughout all aspects of emergency planning, disaster response, recovery, and mitigation. Their lives and the resilience of their community depend on it.

The Real Emergency Access for Aging and Disability Inclusion for Disasters Act (REAADI) and The Disaster Relief Medicaid Act (DRMA) will work together to provide solutions that help individuals maintain their health, safety, and independence before, during, and after disasters by:

  • Funding research;
  • Developing and delivering technical assistance and training;
  • Creating a national commission with people with disabilities, older adults, experts on disability inclusive emergency management and government and community stakeholders to provide guidance on disability and aging issues before, during and after disasters;
  • Providing uninterrupted access to Medicaid services when recipients must evacuate across state lines;
  • Department of Justice review of ADA non-compliance settlement agreements in preparedness, response and recovery efforts;
  • Government Accountability review of federal funds expended in disasters to ensure compliance with Rehabilitation Act requirements.

Senator Bob Casey’s DRAFT REAADI One Page Summary

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Disaster Relief Medicaid Act 

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Senator Bob Casey’s DRMA One Page Summary

One Page Summary 

Legislative Background

The previous bill, Readying Elders and Americans with Disabilities Inclusively for Disasters Act (READI) S.3679 was introduced in the 115th Congress by Senator Bob Casey (PA) and co-sponsored by Senators Tammy Duckworth (IL), Amy Klobuchar (MN), Chris Van Hollen (MD), Richard Blumenthal (CT), Patty Murray (WA) and Maggie Hassan (NH).

(See document comparing REAADI, introduced in the 116th Congress, and READI introduced in the 115th Congress. REAADI Compared to READI)

READI was authored by Senator Casey with the active involvement of the Partnership For Inclusive Disaster Strategies, the nation’s only membership organization with a focus on the rights of people with disabilities before, during and after disasters. The Partnership’s members and many allies across the country worked together to identify the areas in which gaps in meeting the needs of disaster impacted people must be filled through legislation.

In the 116th Congress, the bill has been updated and it will be introduced as REAADI, the Real Emergency Access for Aging and Disability Inclusion for Disasters Act. The Disaster Relief Medicaid Act will be introduced concurrently.

Learn more about the original bill below.

  • S.3679 Fact Sheet
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