REAADI for Disasters Act

The Real Emergency Access for Aging and Disability Inclusion for Disasters Act (REAADI) and The Disaster Relief Medicaid Act (DRMA) will work together to provide solutions that help individuals maintain their health, safety, and independence before, during, and after disasters by:

  • Funding research;
  • Developing and delivering technical assistance and training;
  • Creating a national commission with people with disabilities, older adults, experts on disability inclusive emergency management and government and community stakeholders to provide guidance on disability and aging issues before, during and after disasters;
  • Providing uninterrupted access to Medicaid services when recipients must evacuate across state lines;
  • Department of Justice review of ADA non-compliance settlement agreements in preparedness, response and recovery efforts;
  • Government Accountability review of federal funds expended in disasters to ensure compliance with Rehabilitation Act requirements.