Individual Advocacy for REAADI

Here are some ways you can take action today to support people with disabilities and older adults in disasters.

If you're an organization, check out our page Organizational Advocacy for additional ways to help build political support.

If any of these resources are inaccessible to you, please contact Priya at

Ask your Congressperson to Cosponsor REAADI

Use the Congressional Outreach Template for REAADI, which has a sample script and referral contact info for the appropriate Congressional offices to give to your Congresspeople, when calling your Senators and Representatives.

You can also use the automatic contact form and fill out the form fields to message your Congresspeople.

Ask Your Congressperson to Support REAADI Into PAHPA

Organizations can use the Congressional Outreach Template for Supporting REAADI and Including It in PAHPA as a tool for their communities and networks to reach out to their Congresspeople. Encourage your networks to send an email, letter, or leave a voicemail for their Congresspeople to support including REAADI as a title into the Pandemic and All Hazards Preparedness Act (PAHPA) during PAHPA’s reauthorization.

Create Disaster-Inclusive Social Media Posts

Use the Social Media Templates for REAADI to create your own social media posts and get the word out about REAADI!

Amplify Disaster-Inclusive Messaging

Follow and share social media posts to amplify our messages and get the word out about REAADI!

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Show your Support!

Join our growing list of individual supporters by adding your name to the REAADI for Disasters Act sign-on sheet!