Individual Advocacy for REAADI/DRMA

Here are some ways you can take action today to support people with disabilities and older adults in disasters. For more information or accessibility concerns, contact Priya Penner at

Here's the Individual Sample Script to use when contacting your Senators and Representatives. If this document is inaccessible to you, please contact Priya Penner at

Ask your Congressperson to Cosponsor REAADI & DRMA

  • Find your Senator's contact information here
  • Enter your zipcode to find your House Representative and follow contact information on their website.


Amplify Disaster Inclusive Messaging

Follow and share social media posts to amplify our messages and get the word out about REAADI and DRMA!

REAADI Social Media: 

If you're an organization, check out our page Organizational Advocacy for additional ways to help build political support.